Wednesday, 1 February 2017

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"We escorts in Bangalore are pursuing a career in the escorting business and are outcast members of the society and our own family and are living a life discarding attachments to the family and living in our own secured world"
We call girls in Bangalore are committed to the profession of escorting and are in the clarity to the though relationship is the root for all agony and sorrows in life and are detached souls living in our own escorting world minding our business.
We call girls in Bangalore were been maligned from time immemorial by Samaritans and were never safe guarded by our democratic rulers on any given time and we were preyed upon once the country was declared republic while we were in safe hands when the kings ruled us in the ancient India and it is a fact in the literature's.
We gems of female escorts in Bangalore are not living in our glorious past or never ever pity our today or despair or cowardice about our tomorrow and live a confident life and live a life queen size.
We gems of escorts in Bangalore are born angles in this planet earth pursuing a noble career as an female escort for a purpose and die alone in peace and in-between savoir-faire the good and bad of our karma and we escorts reach the heavenly abode after finishing our divine task in this planet earth.
Men who are in constant search for love elsewhere do not realize real love lies within the vicinity of their own home and all forms of hired love available are illusionary and mirage version of love.
We female escorts in Bangalore encounter a distinctive gentleman on daily basis and live an infinite life with total consciousness and awareness of the role we are into.
When the life of an escort in Bangalore is been designed in such a way we sleep with a stranger on daily basis and are awakened souls in dealing with men from antithetic regions.
We call girls in Bangalore are in the profession of creating ecstatic and blissful moods to man on daily basis and are constantly improving our self in the profession of escorting.
If ever there is apocalypse of this planet earth and in the final eschatology we call girls in Bangalore are certain to prove our acts in front of the supreme and are certain to be applauded for our services in quenching the lust of men.
We call girls in Bangalore are pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore and are committed to the job and are united and patriotic in our line of work and being patriotic is being united and committed in our business of escorting.
We call girls in Bangalore do have new women coming in to the field of escorting and old people getting out of this business due to varied reasons and there is no end to our story!!
We escorts in Bangalore are pursuing the job of escorting with our own will and consent and are passionate women in our line of work and we love men and the drama of no emotional tie up in the stipulated hired time and we love to play the role our clients demand on the designated time and have become masters in our role play and are veteran in the art of seduction.
We call girls in Bangalore do certainly believe our final destination is not a few million rupees but the can-do spirit that keeps us moving along the stream with the candid reality of living life queen size!!

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